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Silence Kills is a 501c3 Charitable Nonprofit Organization. We are a nonprofit that foster’s the ability of all of our members to turn their pain into power. We provide culturally relevant education, resources, community awareness, and social support. We build campaigns to address key issues in our community that directly affect us speaking on the unspoken. There are many things that we have never faced or were even aware of regarding trauma and abuse. We will bridge the gap between helping individuals become aware and then aiding each individual in their journeys of healing. We encourage people to speak on the unspoken via artistic expression—Art being conceptual, performing, spoken word, physical and much more. ​

Our community provides services for social support, artistic expression, and wholistic therapy and healing. Our inaugural cohort-style Healing from the Unspoken workshops will begin very soon. We also host open mics, defense classes, Paint the Unspoken's, referrals to other organizations, among other activities.

"In 2015, I became a Domestic Violence survivor and then activist. It was my vision to merge art with my own journey of healing. I am the Phoenix that crashed and burned, now fluttering her magnificent wings out of the fire. I decided that I wanted to make a greater impact by being an example and speaking on the unspoken at every chance that I could get. I have facilitated trainings and workshops at many organizations in the DMV. This has led me to the vision and birth of Silence Kills. I wanted to provide people with free opportunities to start healing from domestic abuse and trauma. I also wanted to educate and help heal the whole individual instead of providing temporary band-aids. This organization is innovative when it comes to introducing a series of programming that serves as a guide on healing from trauma."- Shehariah Johnson, CEO & Founder

We believe that healing from trauma is very possible when you heal the whole person. That is why wholistic therapy is an integral part in our community.

Our Mission

Our Mission

To help survivors of domestic abuse/violence on their journeys of healing by providing holistic, recreational, and artistic services and support.


Our Vision

A community where we collectively educate, curate, love, and heal on things by speaking on the unspoken, unchaining the chains, and providing permanent solutions.

We Need Your Support Today!

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