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We are always excited for new members and supporters to join us in our efforts. You may view our upcoming events with the link on the bottom left. If you are interested in becoming a participant in our Heal the Unspoken workshops or to be a volunteer, facilitator, board member or specialist, please fill out the interest form below.

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What Our Supporters Say

"Silence Kills fills a much needed space. To experience Domestic Violence is to taste love as poison. To ask survivors to simply move on to a better relationship is asking a once-poisoned individual to stop checking their drinks. I don't imagine that you would even want to stop checking your drinks after that, or your boundaries after being hurt. We hesitate every time we open up, especially considering how left field DV can be. So, what's the rule when you've been traumatized? How do you release it? I will tell you- through building a safe space to stand and a safe space to sit. Silence Kills is able to do that effectively, thanks in largest part to Shehariah Johnson, who's personal experiences, skills, and education have allowed her to lay a foundation that is perfectly safe and inclusive, yet still gently holds survivors accountable for their personal growth." 

- Imani Ellie, DV Survivor and Musician

"I was offered the opportunity to share my story on a panel and also engage in the workshops on poetry and healing during the Inaugural Virtual Conference for Surviving Through the Arts in May 2022. During the conference, I had  shared my own experiences and heard from others about their experiences with domestic violence. The CEO of Silence Kills, Shehariah Johnson, created a safe space where all the panelists felt open and comfortable being vulnerable and honest. She honored the stories shared from all perspectives. Following the panel conversation, I was able to stay and experience the workshop led by the poet Tik Tok on healing. The conversations again created a powerful space for healing and an outlet to process the pain from my experiences with mental  and emotional abuse. Attending this event was powerful and provided me a platform to share my thoughts. I am grateful for the work Silence Kills has done to support and educate victims while empowering them with tools to reclaim their voices."

- Marya Kazmi, DV Survivor and Founder of Brown Girl Interrupting

"I've been a witness to the growth of Silence Kills since it was just a collective of concerned friends & family members. I've had the privilege of producing podcasts, and virtual conferences for this collective turned Non Profit organization and I must say the stories participants have shared publicly has been very enlightening to say the least. Silence Kills has been continually giving a voice to domestic abuse victims / survivors in a safe and supportive space."


- Montaigne "Logic" Massac, Multimedia Producer

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