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Redefining Black

February 11, 2023

Redefining Black Love General Flyer.png

A celebration of what it means to know Black love.

Produced By: Silence Kills & i.R.A.N.T. Network

Surviving Thru The Arts: Redefining Black Love is the third edition of the STTA series. This edition will be a night of nostalgia, community, poetry, networking and a celebration of what it means to know Black love.

Silence Kills wants to celebrate what Black love really is in all of its glory. We will begin by discussing the importance of specifying the “Black” in Black love with an interactive worksop, followed by an open mic session where poets are able to express their feelings and insights on Black love. Accompanied by a live DJ and free food and drinks. This sexy and sophisticated event took place on February 11, 2023. For tickets and registration visit


"The event has motivated me to ask my significant other more meaningful questions so we can learn each other better. In turn, we both are more intentional about being empathic toward one another's feelings so that we can be vulnerable enough to compromise in the relationship." ~Devonte Peterson

"I came to this event on a solo date. I love going to organic and authentic events like this because it allows people to just be real. I really enjoyed seeing just love being celebrated--because it should. I will def be coming to more events that yall host in the future."~Makeisha Lucien


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